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Secret History of Asterix

You know absolutely everything there is to know about the adventures of Asterix! Asterix, who you've known since childhood, Asterix, ever-ready to stand up and fight for the honour of Gaul! Asterix who…Well, you know already! Unless… Are you quite sure you know the whole story? You, who have already grown up some, did you know that when he was still quite small, very small indeed, Asterix chased down wild boar while crawling on all fours or that as a babbling baby, Asterix charged the Romans with the cry of "By Toutatis, on we go"?

This is one of the big questions: it deals with childhood, creation, marvellous mysteries: Was it Asterix's birth the result of magic?

So you don't know everything then...? In that case, you'll no doubt be eager to get your teeth into the exhibition based on the exquisitely flavoursome special issue of Lire, "L'Histoire secrete d'Astérix" (The Secret History of Asterix), entirely dedicated to our hero, his genesis and his creators. It's a chance to witness a great adventure illustrated, not to mention contributions from various famous writers. An adventure? Correction: THE Adventure, the one that came before all the others...

Some plates contain large sections of text that may be a bit difficult to read. All you have to do is click on the little magnifying glass to open the text by itself in a new window.

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