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The Asterix Geo Quiz

Show off your knowledge of the Roman Empire by situating 15 antique cities on the Asterix Geo Quiz map!

The Champions cup

The Tour of Europe

According to Julius Caesar, football pits XI against XI and it’s always the Romans who end up winning! The first authentically Gaulish snakes and ladders game, the Tour of Europe takes you back through Asterix and Obelix's journeys.

Cacofonix's Nightmare

Asterix's Palette

Spot the difference game

Fulliautomatix invites you to find a secret name or word, to fill in a dotted line. Each dash stands for a letter, and if you find the answer before Fulliautomatix hits Cacofonix on the head, then you win by chalking up points. Otherwise you lose points. Good luck! Choose your colours. Pick one of the ten colours offered. Use the magic crayon to click on the colour palette. The crayon changes colour and you can use it to colour whatever you want. To erase it all, click on the eraser. As soon as you are happy with the results, print out a mini poster. I made 7 mistakes when I copied Albert Uderzo’s drawing. Try to fond them all in less than a minute!

Pepe's hidden names

Snap! Two of a kind

Obelix's Picture Puzzle

I’ve jumbled up the names of famous Gauls, putting them in different directions. It’s not that easy to find them all before roast boar time! I have one hell of a memory. I can find all the pairs of hidden visuals in less than a minute! It’ll be more difficult for you, though… Great Roman players were unable to put Panacea’s beautiful face together without going completely crazy. There’s a trick, of course, but what?

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