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Grand Gaulish Quiz!

Throughout the Known World, Asterix fans vie to outdo one another with boasting, each one claiming to be the best expert on the Asterix albums. And yet, it is no simple thing to become expert ès Asterix; everyone is not cut out to be a druid, by Toutatis!

So then, how does one recognize an authentic Gaulish champion? Well... it was Asterix himself who gave us an idea about organizing a major yearly championship: the GGQ, otherwise known as the Grand Gaulish Quiz!

Come and confront our specialists!
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There is a simple principle behind getting your name engraved on the virtual marble slab in our Gaulish “Hall of Fame”: all you have to do is answer 20 randomly chosen questions in the shortest time possible. The best scores to the GGQ will be selected each month, and 1 to 10 points will be attributed to the first ten experts, allowing them to apply for a position in the general ranking. At the end of the year, the grand champion will be unanimously nominated and celebrated with all due pomp and circumstance! Well, it’s perhaps a bit hasty to say unanimously, given that we still have to convince Caesar that other people in this world also have the right to lay claim to a proper triumph!

In the meantime, good luck to all and may Toutatis be with you!

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