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Gift Ideas

Your family hut is on the brink of a wide-reaching social movement!
Pedimenta is complaining about the outdated decor; the children find their toys and games to be old hat (“Daddy, get with the times, you have to go antique!”).

Fortunately, the Virtual Village has the solution: the Catalogue for the Ancient Man offers every Asterix product to be found in the shops! Just what you need when looking for a trendy gift to give friends and loved ones!


The Asterix universe has everything under the sun, and more! Five Gaulish decades have witnessed the creation of tonnes of tie-in merchandise, rare editions, special issues and amazing events....

Anxious to preserve the Gaulish heritage, Getafix has decided to use the advanced druid technology – the Web – to build an Asterix Museum for the benefit of future generations.

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