17 June 2015

All Indomitables

Asterix and the Banquet on tour!


Asterix and the Banquet on tour!

To celebrate the album's 50th anniversary of publication in France, Asterix and the Banquet returns to bookshops from 3rd June with two brand new editions:

And to mark the occasion, an exhibition devoted to the album is embarking on its own Tour de France!
Throughout the summer, discover the secrets of the album in a making-of exhibition featuring scripts by René Goscinny and original drawings by Albert Uderzo printed in large format.

For news of when the exhibition is near you, consult the online calendar .


Happy birthday Dogmatix!

Asterix and the Banquet is also the album that first introduced Dogmatix! To celebrate the birthday of the famous little dog, in France a Dogmatix book will be included with every two Asterix albums purchased , starting on 3rd June at your bookshop.

Discover the best of Dogmatix in this original 48-page comic book featuring two complete stories.


Parc Astérix slips into some evening wear!

On 27 June, 11 July and 1 August 2015, you can enjoy the park until midnight with a Gaulish Soirée organised by the Parc Astérix!

A unique 3D experience, night-time attractions and fireworks will make sure the evening goes off with a bang!

It'll also be a chance to discover three new shows at Parc Astérix :

Gauls and Romans: The Match: in these exceptional games, Gauls and Romans come face-to-face for the match of the year! !

Magical Getafix: a show full of original and astonishing magical effects!

Druids' Secrets: Discover the Druids and their inventions in the heart of the Gaul Village.

Practical Info:
Night-time shows on 27 June, 11 July and 1 August 2015. Night-time shows from 7.00 pm to midnight.
Entry €30
Tickets available right now on the Parc Astérix website


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New translations, new editions...

Asterix and Obelix continue their globetrotting journey with plenty of new events


In recent weeks, the Asterix albums have returned to Argentina with a series of new original translations. Such has been the success that the printing presses are already rolling.


Panini, the new editor of the series begins at… the beginning!

Discover what's changed amongst the Gauls with How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When He Was a Little Boy, once again, in Italian.


Dogmatix's birthday is an international event - that much is clear! The special edition of Asterix and the Banquet will be available in bookshops in Germany and the Netherlands, celebrating our favourite little dog!


Astérix Parade!

To mark his birthday, Dogmatix makes the front page of the Journal de Mickey! A fine tribute, and all the more moving when you think that Albert Uderzo, aged just seven at the time, was one of the comic's original readers when it was first launched in France in 1934.

Astérix au Muséoparc

"Alesia... never heard of it!" Chief Vitalstatistix often says. But Albert Uderzo wanted to see the place for himself! He travelled to Alesia to visit the Asterix exhibition, which is on until the autumn at the Muséoparc . His verdict: it was parktastic!!!

Photo : Didier Pasamonik

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