20 July 2017

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Asterix celebrates in Belgium!


Asterix celebrates in Belgium!

Comic masterminds René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo first met in Belgium. Now the land of the comic book is celebrating the Asterix series and its creators!

The Manneken-Pis statue has been decked out in an Asterix costume for the occasion, while the Belgian Comic Strip Centre in Brussels pays homage to the two geniuses behind the adventures of our beloved Gauls with a fun exhibition inspired by Asterix in Belgium, the last album co-authored by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

The trilingual exhibition (in English, French and Dutch) is devoted to the last album co-authored by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. The exhibition is accompanied by games and activities for all the family, which are sure to keep even the littlest visitors entertained.

To coincide with the exhibition, the Asterix in Belgium album will be re-issued in two versions in France: a special edition special edition (limited edition with an exclusive 16-page pull-out) and a luxury edition (large format, with a 30-page behind the scenes supplement and reproductions of Albert Uderzo's original illustrations and René Goscinny's story).

Brush up on your Belgian! Whip up some waffles! It's going to be choc-full of fun!


Roam far and wide with Asterix and Obelix!

Le Meilleur d’Astérix et Obélix - Bon Voyage !

Spain, Caledonia, Germania, Egypt, Britain, Helvetia, Greece… they do get around! Asterix and Obelix are without a doubt the greatest voyagers of ancient times.

Now for the very first time they're revisiting their wackiest adventures in this selection of the best scenes of the series to bring you an exclusive travel guide for savvy wanderers!

Get your copy of the exclusive volume The Best of Asterix and Obelix - Bon Voyage! when you buy 2 Asterix albums in any participating bookshop. Available while stocks last. Hurry to avoid disappointment!

Le Meilleur d’Astérix et Obélix - Bon Voyage !Le Meilleur d’Astérix et Obélix - Bon Voyage !Le Meilleur d’Astérix et Obélix - Bon Voyage !


Asterix Fizz! Fizzy fruit-flavoured sweets!

"They're proper fizzy, they wake up the Gaul in you!" was the verdict from the little Indomitables who tried the Asterix sweets made by Lutti.

We can't get enough of them! The sweets come in the shapes of Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix, the magic potion, and Dogmatix's bone, in a fun range of flavours with something for everyone! Available in France in Carrefour, Carrefour Market, Cora and Match supermarkets.

The Ice Hockey World Championship, co-hosted by Paris and Cologne was won by Sweden, who defeated Germany in the final. Although France was knocked out in the early stages, championship mascots Asterix and Obelix cheered on every match right up to the final!

Next Asterix animated feature film announced!

By Toutatis! Asterix and Obelix are returning to the big screen with Asterix and the Secret of the Magic Potion, an animated film slated for release on 5 December 2018!

When the druid Getafix has a fall while out collecting mistletoe, he decides it's high time to secure the future of the village. Accompanied by Asterix and Obelix, he sets out to comb the Gaulish world in search of a talented young druid to whom he can bequeath the Secret of the Magic Potion… sounds promising!


Pégase Express, the mythical new attraction!

Hold your horses, the wait is nearly over: Pégase Express, the new ride at Parc Astérix, opens on June 11!

Legend has it that Pegasus the winged horse was transformed by Zeus into a constellation to shine in the night sky for evermore. Climb aboard for a mythical journey with Pegasus… and buckle up for a wild ride!

The Pégase Express is a hair-raising high-speed train ride over a circuit almost one kilometre long with no loops. The ride takes you hurtling around bends and through nail-biting climbs and breathtaking descents.

Asterix Abroad exhibition at Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix presents an exhibition all about the comic book series and its two illustrious creators, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. This year, let Asterix and Obelix whisk you away to far-flung destinations. Not to be missed!


Astérix Max is back on the racks!

Astérix Max magazine is back in French newsagents from 14 June! This special Travel issue of the French-language magazine will keep readers entertained all summer long: crafting with Obelix, cooking with Impedimenta, learning the secrets of the druids, and shopping for the catch of the day with Unhygienix… a whole banquet of exciting new features!

Not to mention the Asterix comic, a complete adventure of Oumpah-Pah the Redskin, and the exclusive tale of Benjamin and Benjamine, two new heroes created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Plus, don't miss exclusive updates about the forthcoming album Asterix and the Chariot Race!

Asterix in the classroom!

It's full marks for Asterix, who stars in a one-off issue of French teachers' magazine Nouvelle Revue Pédagogique and a special edition of Asterix and Cleopatra complete with a study guide!

Nouvelle Revue Pédagogique provides resources to decode the secrets of Asterix - which it deems the "spoof epic" - in the classroom. The expanded edition of Asterix and Cleopatra includes a 24-page study guide to accompany the legendary album, and has been distributed to secondary school French teachers throughout France.

French pupils will have the chance to learn how to structure a story and create characters, study the art of the comic book, and brush up on ancient history…

Get straight As with one of the best-loved Asterix adventures.


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