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15th September 2013 - Every Asterix album to be available as an e-book!

The collection will now be complete with all 34 albums available in e-book format via all online book retailers!

25th September 2013 - Jehan Pistolet - The Complete Collection

After Oumpah-Pah, another character created by the dynamic duo of Goscinny and Uderzo will be back in French bookshops with an album comprising the complete collection of his adventures: Jehan Pistolet and his crew of privateers star in 200 pages of this album to be read and reread. Find more information on this all-encompassing album on this page.

24th October 2013 - Asterix chez les Pictes

It's the big day! The 35th Asterix album will be available in bookshops and online both in print and e-book format. Even a luxury edition is planned… Keep up to date on the latest news concerning Asterix and the Picts at the following address www.asterix35.com

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