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Asterix and the Missing Scroll - New characters

Libellus Blockbustus

Asterix and the Missing Scroll   - Libellus Blockbustus

A new baddie for the collection: Libellus Blockbustus

"The better the villain, the better the film..." Alfred Hitchcock's famous adage applies just as well to Asterix, whose roll call of baddies (Codfix, Tortuous Convolvulus, Caius Preposterus,Artifis… ) have their own cult following! Asterix and the Missing Scroll sees a brand new baddie enter the scene: Libellus Blockbustus. Have no doubt: Julius Caesar's personal adviser has a nasty surprise in store for the Indomitable Gauls!
Asterix will once again need all his legendary cunning to defend the village!

See the video of Conrad drawing Libellus Blockbustus


A right old gossip, in other words a roving reporter 50 BC-style, Confoundtheirpolitix is always on the look out for a hot canalis (a "scoop" in Latin). But beware: some information is explosive, particularly when it threatens the powerful. Suddenly cornered, Confoundtheirpolitix is on the run from his pursuers, and takes refuge in the village of Asterix and his friends...

Asterix and the Missing Scroll  - Confoundtheirpolitix

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