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An informed music lover concerned with protecting his friends’ hearing and a fish hygiene expert

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Cétautomatix
German name : Automatix
Dutch name : Hoefnix
Spanish name : Esautomatix
Italian name : Automatix
Portugese name : Éautomatix


Ever since he first appeared in Asterix the Gaul, to the astonishment of “Caliguliminix” who finds him forging metal with his bare hands, Fulliautomatix has changed his look dramatically, changing from a plump blond Gallic look to a more haughty bearing that he proudly drapes with his legendary leather apron. More than any other character, he demonstrates the perfectionism of Albert Uderzo, who is constantly improving and refining the drawings of his characters.

But when it comes to personality, Fulliautomatix has remained true to himself, a thick-skinned brute who carefully conceals any finer qualities and whose only method of communication is by hitting out either physically or verbally at everything around. To be sure, his actions, and the motions that Albert Uderzo often sketches for his right arm, can make him seem like a machine with no purpose other than hammering. But his words, and unhelpful criticism, also relentlessly pound Cacofonix (“No, you will not sing!”), Geriatrix (“You old relic!”) and, of course, Unhygienix and the fish he brings from Lutetia.

Most importantly, he is always the one to warn his friends about the dubious freshness of the fish sold by the vendor across the street. It’s a good bet that the authors were inspired by the American Western movie cult of the fifties they so admire for the festive atmosphere of the village brawls set off by Fulliautomatix!

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