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Special reports

What type of dog is Dogmatix? What do the Indomitable Gauls eat? What are the secrets behind Asterix's and Obelix's birthday? All the truth lies right here, in the "specialreportix" prepared by the strange druid MulderandScullix. By providing you with the answers to all these nerve-wracking questions, they should help you to sleep easy.

A message from Getafix : To the sum of the IX clues collected, just add CCII to obtain the combination to the safe!

Find Dogmatix?

Venue of debates for budding interpreters of the Asterix universe, the EncyclObelix forum is today considering a thorny problem, which has long since racked the brains of some of the most attentive fans of the most famous of all Gauls: what are those mysterious hidden drawings of Dogmatix doing in the pages of Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois (The book of Asterix the Gaul)?

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Asterix and Obelix's birthdays

Ever since Albert Uderzo treated us to a high-spirited family reunion to celebrate the joint birthday of our two heroes in the first pages of Asterix and the Actress, some guardians of the Gaulish temple have been sending him incendiary missives arguing that, sacrilege, Obelix's birthday had already been celebrated in Obelix and Co. And that there was no mention of a gift for his famous accomplice. Had Albert Uderzo been caught showing a flagrant lack of general knowledge about Asterix? Of course not!

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Are the belgians really the bravest ?

From amongst the admiring "Oooohs"and "Aaahs" from those visitors lucky enough to have first discovered Asterix's Mirror World in Brussels (the very first exhibition worthy of that most mythical of Gauls, unveiling the many and varied aspects of his immense universe), one anguished question resounded through the corridors: so then mates, are the Belgians really the bravest or is it the little Armoricans?

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What breed is Dogmatix ?

Now there is a question that has obsessed our readers for ages!
Some actually go so far as to consult us on the subject before going to buy "the same type", just so they can have their own "Dogmatix" at home! But, sorry to say, our little Gaulish dog is quite unique! Described simply upon his first appearance in the "Asterix and the Banquet" scenario as being of "undefined breed", Dogmatix owes his entire appearance to the imagination of Albert Uderzo.

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The Gaulish Gourmet

In the earliest works, little mention was made of Gaulish cuisine, with the possible exception of the roasted boar and the inevitable final banquets. However, with each album, food gradually became a regular feature in the Adventures of Asterix, and especially those of Obelix, whose legendary appetite provides ample explanation for his "well-build" silhouette!

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