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Are the belgians really the bravest ?

From amongst the admiring "Oooohs"and "Aaahs" from those visitors lucky enough to have first discovered Asterix's Mirror World in Brussels (the very first exhibition worthy of that most mythical of Gauls, unveiling the many and varied aspects of his immense universe), one anguished question resounded through the corridors: so then mates, are the Belgians really the bravest or is it the little Armoricans?

Given that we Gauls are in no position to judge this thorny issue since we're part of the controversial debate, we immersed ourselves in the texts written by the only arbitrator fit to decide on the matter - Caesar himself!

On my left, the Gauls: these fearless warriors, certain of the Gods' protection, charge full-tilt into battle, shouting, singing and dancing wildly so as to frighten their adversary. Which just goes to show that there's nothing really original about those famous Kiwi rugby players and their equally-famous Haka! Yep, those Gauls will use anything to terrorise and demoralise the enemy: they show off their bloody wounds, they put their biggest and most powerful men in the front lines (proof that Caesar had to have come across Obelix in combat!) while they blow mightily into their carnyx to create an absolutely deafening racket (hence the strategic importance of Cacofonix the bard!).

On my right, the Belgians, the term used by Caesar to refer not only to the inhabitants of the country now known as Belgium, but also to those of northern France. Their assault technique is fearsome: forming a compact mass round the ramparts of a citadel, they throw a huge amount of stones, then, in tortoise formation, set fire to the various watchtowers! Caesar has no doubt about their bravery - he believes it is due in part to the remoteness of their countries, which guards them from contact with Roman civilisation, so apt to turn people soft, as well as to the flawless training they get in constant clashes with their German neighbours…
Caesar's conclusion, when asked to decide between the crazy, wild Gauls and the "barbaric" Belgians: "

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