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What breed is Dogmatix ?

Now there is a question that has obsessed our readers for ages!
Some actually go so far as to consult us on the subject before going to buy "the same type", just so they can have their own "Dogmatix" at home! But, sorry to say, our little Gaulish dog is quite unique! Described simply upon his first appearance in the "Asterix and the Banquet" scenario as being of "undefined breed", Dogmatix owes his entire appearance to the imagination of Albert Uderzo.

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Nonetheless, here is some information for those of you striving to find the Dogmatix of your dreams: in the two Asterix films that have been released up to now, the dogs that have played the part of our little hero were Westies (West Highland White Terriers). Prior to these films, in an Asterix special by the Holiday on Ice company, the role of Dogmatix was played by a Maltese dog who had been on the receiving end of an extreme makeover and whose ears had been treated with a bio-dye in order to turn it into a perfect Dogmatix!

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