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Find Dogmatix

Venue of debates for budding interpreters of the Asterix universe, the EncyclObelix forum is today considering a thorny problem, which has long since racked the brains of some of the most attentive fans of the most famous of all Gauls: what are those mysterious hidden drawings of Dogmatix doing in the pages of Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois (The book of Asterix the Gaul)?

A genuine recap of all the fundamentals in the Asterix universe, published in French 1999 to mark the 40th anniversary of our heroes, Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois humorously covers the characters and themes used in the Asterix albums. But now some readers are writing to us, intrigued by the presence of miniature drawings of Dogmatix on certain double pages of the book, like this one:

The authors of Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois book have been uncovered! They've been amusing themselves by surreptitiously inserting a drawing of Asterix and Obelix's faithful companion onto every double page. The Gauls from Editions Albert René are crazy! Special surprises cleverly hidden for the most attentive of readers to find, these little drawings are like "Easter eggs" (a common procedure in the cinema in particular) of Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois book.

Some are so well hidden that you almost need a magnifying glass to find them. Others, discovered during the course of the publication process, and wrongly judged to be faults, have nearly been obliterated, and thus all the harder to unearth! But impossible is not Gaulish: readers of Asterix and Obelix's Missive have so far been able to tell us exactly where these Dogmatixes are. The most brilliant of them will therefore see their names added to our top V below:

1. Simon 69
2. Virginie 65
3. Romain 65
4. Renaud 64
5. Joseph 64

If you haven't yet played, get out your magnifying glasses now! And should you want to check your work, or just avoid ending up like the people in the "place which sends you mad" from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, you will find below all the answers, in words and pictures!

NB: on page LXII, Dogmatix is hidden in different places according to whether you own the luxury or standard edition of the Asterix the Gaul book. Both answers are reproduced below.

Page Location Picture
IIDefinitely the most difficult one to find! Keep looking...
IVIn the speech balloons, above the druid Psychoanalytix's head
VIOn the branch of the tree to the right of the flying bird
IXAt the foot of the dolmen above the village
XIOn the line running beneath Albert Uderzo's signature
XIIIn Asterix's right hand
XVAlong the watermark of the wing at the top of the page
XVIIn the roots of the tree next to the rock which has fallen down
XIXOn the horizontal line of H in HIHI
XXIOn the droplet next to the dagger symbol
XXIIIOn the lower roll of parchment
XXIVIn the text above the phrase "dans une rue"
XXVIOn a tree root, between the shadows of the fox and the rabbit
XXVIIIOn the rim of the shield between the two rivets
XXXIIn the watermark of Vitalstatistix's nose at the top of the page
XXXIIIUnder the fin of the chopped-up fish
XXXVOn the foot of the Gaul wearing purple-checked breeches
XXXVIIn the watermark next to the phrase "et en plus, il dessine"
XXXVIIIBetween the wheel and the anvil
XLIUnder Huevos y Bacon's left ear
XLIITo the left of Geriatrix's walking stick
XLIVBy the hips of the gagged Cacofonix
XLVIIAbove Getafix's left foot
XLIXBetween the horse's hooves
LIn the bottom-left corner of the page
LIIIOn Unhygienix's shoulder, in the medallion
LIVAt the foot of the hill in the foreground, in the shade
LVIIOn the horse's hooves
LVIIIIn the watermark, in Zaza's hair
LXIn the watermark, in Zaza's hair
Edition classique
In the corner of the square tower to the north of Lutetia, near to the binding
Edition de luxe
On the bridge of the boat moored to the first landing stage
LXIVUnderneath Homeopathix's seat
LXVIOn Panacea's right arm
LXVIIIIn the cream of the birthday cake
LXXOn the trotters of the roast wild boar that Chipolata is carrying
LXXIIIIn the letter "O" of the word "Gaulois"
LXXVIn the watermark, under Boneywasawarriorwayayix's left shoulder
LXXVIIIn the bottom-left corner of Zurix's vault room.
LXXVIIIOn Brawnix's right foot
LXXXIIn the background next to shield belonging to the Celtic Gaul Roman legionary.
LXXXIIIIn the red zone in the middle of the page
LXXXVIn the crown of the column, next to Caesar
LXXXVIIOn Lucius Coquelus' desk, under the "Carpe Diem" sign
LXXXIXOn the medallion in which Unhygienix finds himself (who seems to have found it!)
XCIOn the edge of the dome of the Senate
XCIIIOn the chest of the Roman legionary holding a pilum
XCVIn the gothic "G" of the word "Goths"
XCVIIIn a set of hieroglyphics, above the statue of the god Horus
XCVIIIAt the foot of the porch, next to the obelisk
CIn the dust where the calabash starts growing
CIIOn the bridge of the boat re-entering the port of Pirée
CIVOn the belt of the athlete on the left
CVIOn the back of the wrestler at the top of the page
CVIIISOn the starboard rim of the longship, next to the shield
CXIIn the background, next to the elbow of the proud Iberian with an upside-down horn
CXIIIIn the middle of the illustration with drops of rain falling into the Ganges
CXIVAt the foot of the tepee in front of the shadow of the Indian
CXVIUnder the wrist of the designer
CXVIIIIn the watermark, at the foot of the right index finger of the lawyer
CXXXOn the plate, next to Pegleg's left hand
CXXIIIn the watermark. to the right of "Vade retro"
CXXVIn the speech balloon of the Egyptian screaming from his tent
CXXVIIIn the watermark, next to the foot of the interpreter
CXXIXOn the bench next to Asterix peeling potatoes
CXXXIInside the curve of the question mark
CXXXIIIIn the watermark, below a grumpy Asterix
CXXXIVIn the watermark, on Asterix's arm, bottom left
CXXXVIUnder the moon that can be seen from Obelix's window
CXXXVIIIOn the leaves of the tree, right at the top of the page
CXLOn Baba's head
CXLIIIIn the frothy water in front of the boat, bottom left
CXLIVIn the background image, amongst the foliage in the top right

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