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The Gaulish Gourmet

In the earliest works, little mention was made of Gaulish cuisine, with the possible exception of the roasted boar and the inevitable final banquets. However, with each album, food gradually became a regular feature in the Adventures of Asterix, and especially those of Obelix, whose legendary appetite provides ample explanation for his "well-build" silhouette!

The gastronomic discoveries of our heroes often go hand in hand with their striking up an acquaintance with honest, outgoing characters who delight in a copious feast. Their enthusiasm attests to the conviviality of our ancestors in the year 50 B.C., and offers us a salutary modus vivendi in an era of microwavables and other fast-food heresies which are altogether alien to the pure Gaulish spirit! Likewise, the local delicacies and the types of nourishment cultivated or hunted by the various tribes Asterix and Obelix meet in their travels teach us a great deal about the cultural diversity of their time, and even ours since contemporary times were the chief source of inspiration for our authors. Far from reducing Gaulish cuisine to a long series of roasted boar, the albums are an excellent illustration of the adage: "You are what you eat!"

The Corpus !

Quid? "An entire set of documents or texts in a tradition or collected in a study," according to the Petit Larousse dictionary. In other words, "The Adventures of Asterix the Gaul" in this case! Here in the Corpus, you will find everything you want to know about a particular theme that appears in the Asterix albums. Fans will discover a true Asterix encyclopaedia, and scholars will treasure it as a valuable reference work!

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Bonus items

For further information, read our bonus items: interviews with the authors, unpublished goodies, etc.

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The Modus Vivendi

Although they did considerable research and were careful to avoid any anachronisms that were not side-splitters, the authors of Asterix sometimes took liberties with historical truth. This section will give you the key to distinguishing the differences between our real Gaulish ancestors and their most famous indomitable representatives.

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Laborandi te Salutant !

Take out your notebooks! Grammatica, Numeratio, Orthographia, Historia... Discover our games and puzzles and have fun testing your skills!

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