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The Gaulish Gourmet


Albert Uderzo :

"René and I nearly suffered from an overdose of roasted boar, thanks to Asterix. At the very beginning of our Gaulish hero's success, boar was proudly served by the hosts of every reception we were invited to!
People wanted to honour us, but they didn't realize that, after a while, we had had enough of those poor creatures being slaughtered for our sake.
We used to say, "Why didn't we think to have the Gauls eat caviar? We'd be eating like Gods every day."
(Editor's note: As you saw before, this omission was repaired in Asterix and the Magic Carpet... Was it a subtle hint?)
"I have an especially vivid memory of one party, celebrating the publication of a book about Vercingetorix, at a small Paris restaurant. We were forced to nibble (and that is a euphemism) upon slices of adult boar, roasted on a spit. It was absolutely inedible. I don't know how they carved it, but the meat was as hard as a rock!"


"Allow me to appeal to your conscience: Protect these poor creatures and stop serving them as food. Because I have definitely eaten my share of them. And more, I assure you!"

Excerpt from "LE LIVRE D'ASTERIX LE GAULOIS", Editions Albert-René.

The mysterious tribulations of the two Gauls in Gaul

In the script of Asterix and the Banquet, René Goscinny has our two heroes travel "to the four corners of the Hexagon" (hmmm… I'll have to think about that a minute!) to fetch ham from Paris (Lutetia), bêtises (humbugs) from Cambrai Camaracum), wine from Reims (Durocortorum), sausage and quenelles (meat-balls) from Lyon (Lugdunum), tuna-and-olive salad from Nice (Nicae), bouillabaisse (fish stew) from Marseille (Massilia), sausage from Toulouse (Tolosa), prunes from Agen (Aginum) and, to top it all off, white wine and oysters from Bordeaux (Burdigala).

But his original draft of the adventure included quite a few additional stops. He was finally persuaded to leave them out, because there just wasn't enough room in a 44-page album.
As a result, we have yet to taste our potted mince from Tours (Caesarodunum), goose liver from Périgueux (Vesunna), wine from Béziers (Baeterrae), sausage from Arles (Arelate), melon from Cavaillon (Cabellio), walnuts from Grenoble (Cularo), vinegar from Orléans (Genabum) and chicken from Le Mans (Suindinum). And when Asterix and Obelix finally reach Le Conquet (Gesocribate), the last stop on their itinerary, they don't have time to enjoy the pancake dinner planned in the original version.

Excerpt from "le LIVRE D'ASTERIX LE GAULOIS ", Editions Albert-René.

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