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The Gaulish Gourmet

This section offers some research topics for schoolteachers, helping them to explore the eating habits of the ancient Gauls with their students based on the information in Asterix's Adventures. The games and puzzles are an enjoyable way for students to test their skills in grammar, vocabulary, history, and maths... otherwise known by the names engraved on the marble curriculum of young scholars in 50 B.C. as grammatica, glossarium, historia, mathematica...

The materials in this section are specially designed for fourth-form classes. Why, you may ask? Because the fourth form does not yet feel the pressure of graduating to middle school, and yet children at this level already read well enough to learn from a new medium like the comics album.

Topics for research:

  • Based on an analysis of Obelix's character with regard to his dear boars, discuss eating habits at the time of the Gauls. Ask the students to draw up a Gaulish menu based on foods they find offered in the Asterix albums.
  • "You are what you eat!" The Asterix albums show us that each tribe, both in Gaul and elsewhere, has its own particular dining customs. Show how cooking and dining are forms of cultural expression, and how the adventures of Asterix can be looked at as a reflection of today's cooking and dining behaviours.

It is true that, over the ages, Gaulish cuisine has forged a fine reputation, but this is probably due more to a wide range of regional delicacies than to Obelix's roast boar, a meat that is notoriously tough.

1. Crossword puzzle

Complète la grille avec des mets ou produits gastronomiques.
Dans la colonne grise tu trouveras le nom latin d'une ville Gallo-romaine dont la spécialité est le melon.

A. Its capital city is Rheims
B. The sort they make in Paris is tasty
C. Tender or tough, it's not the same spelling as the kind that talk your ear off!
D. Not to be confused with "kennel"
E. These little critters love chips : but don’t confuse them with brawny meat on Obelix’s arms !
F. Olives from Nice garnish this summer dish
G. Neither Asterix nor Obelix take well to having someone tell them they resemble this fine-feathered fowl !
H. A spicy stew based on Mediterranean fish

2. Grammatica (grammar) : dotting your I's

Fill in each blank with a "!" or a "?".

• What would you like to eat ________________

• Oh _________ Five wild boars _______________

• Asterix, am I really as fat as they say _________

• What must I do to lose weight __________

• Nothing. You look great the way you are, Obelix __________

3. Grammatica (grammar) : Peaches or plums?

Rephrase each statement below as a question.
Red wine is served with meats. / Is red wine served with meats?

Tuna salad is a good source of protein.

Champagne can make your head spin.

Obelix has eaten his fill.

4. Numeratio (numeration) : "Asterix and the Banquet"

Asterix and Obelix decide to make a second tour of Gaul, but they are racing each other this time.
Obelix arrives at 10:14.
Asterix, having run out of magic potion, breathlessly reaches the finish line 18 minutes later.

Fill in the blanks below:
Asterix is (more/less) _____________ than a quarter of an hour late.

His arrival time is _________ : _________________________

He finished (before/after)______________________ 10:30.


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