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Asterix in Latin

Caelum in caput ejus cadit

Who would dare say that Latin is a dead language after rediscovering, in ever more spicy detail, the terrible dispute between the Nagmas and Tadsilwenyans, transcribed in the language of Lucretius?

With the publication of Asterix - Caelum in caput ejus cadit, otherwise known as Asterix and the Falling Sky, in Latin, the Editions Albert René have proved that even if our Gaulish heroes are not occupied by the Roman army, they can still bestow the language of Caesar with qualities it seemed to no longer possess: humour, inventiveness and sheer reading pleasure!

The translation of this album - which strives to conform as closely as possible to expectations of middle and high school teachers - is a great, not to mention a fun, way of discovering this language, which all too often scares away our young pupils.

The album contains an exclusive teachers' guide (in French), with a presentation of all the characters, a rigorously thorough glossary to allow everyone to master etymology and, "ultimus non minimus", the 27 Latin quotations hidden in the album for Pegleg's greater pleasure.

In fact, this translation is unusual: famous Latin quotations appear in a subtle way in our heroes' dialogs. All explained in the teachers' guide, they offer a new way of reading Asterix, trying to discover them all in an educational game. A truly indomitable way of reading in Latin language!

Caelum in caput ejus cadit

The majority of Asterix albums are available in Latin, published by Ehapa, the German publisher of Asterix books. They're all to be discovered in the Asterix Translation Exchange.

Asterix in Latin: the characters' names presented by Exlibris.

AsterixAsterix, igis
ObelixObelix, igis
GetafixOmnipotentix, igis
ImpedimentaBisrepetita, ae
FulliautomatixMutatismutandix, igis
UnhygienixModusvivendix, igis
GeriatrixSenexvelsenix, igis
PolyanthusAntepaenultimus, i
ToonDecemnasutus, i
NagmaManganum, i
CyberatsMuribucco, onis

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