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Asterix in Réunion Creole

Astérix la kaz Razade Astérix la kaz Razade

Bann romin la po vni fou !", in other words "These Romans are crazy!" : Asterix in Creole is back! Hot on the heels of the early 2008 AD publication of the first Asterix album in Antillean Creole Grand kannal la (Asterix and the Great Divide), now a bestseller on those islands and overseas – comes Astérix la kaz Razade (Asterix and the Magic Carpet) in Réunion Creole!

Lo Dévinèr

Yes, that’s right: with this first release in Réunion Creole, Asterix, created in 1959 by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, continues its tour of Creole readers living in French overseas departments, France, or the rest of the world.

All the ingredients that made for the success of previous Asterix album translations are reunited once more: a brand new map revealing the island of Réunion under the famous Asterix album magnifying glass, a recap of all the most famous expressions from the Asterix world which are now part of our daily speech (“These Romans are crazy”, “The sky falling on our heads”, etc.), as well as Creole/French glossary of more than 300 words, for education as well as for fun.

Astérix la kaz Razade

To meet up with their readership in Réunion and the Indian Ocean, Asterix and Obelix have travelled to Orinjade’s India on the fakir Watziznehm’s (or Kisasa’s) magic carpet, encountering all the memorable characters from this album with a unique exotic flavour: Razade, Kouksésa, Alalila… They’re all here to the greatest delight of all lovers of Asterix and the Creole language!


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