Huevos y Bacon

Citizenship : Iberian

French name : Soupalognon y Crouton
German name : Costa y Bravo
Dutch name : Paella y Peseta
Spanish name : Sopalajo de Arriérez y Torrezno
Italian name : Salsadipeperon y Monton
Portugese name : Soupalognon y Crouton

Huevos y Bacon

Pepe’s Papa

“My papa is the strongest papa in the world and that idiot Jules Caesar is afraid of my papa”: this is how Pepe describes his father to the Indomitable Gauls!

His father is the proud Huevos y Bacon, the head of a small town not far from Munda (Montilla), the only village in all of Hispania to have continued to resist the Roman invaders. Does this sound familiar?

When speaking to Caesar, Huevos y Bacon does not mince his words: “If I get my hands on you, Roman, I’ll cook you in olive oil!”

No doubt about it, the Spanish know how to go about grilling their enemies!

In which book ?

14 - Asterix in Spain
20 - Asterix in Corsica
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book