Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Avoranfix
German name : Bossix
Dutch name : Paralympix
Spanish name : Gangstérix
Italian name : Avorangofix
Portugese name : Avoranfix


Golden sickle trafficker

Navishtrix has the looks and modus operandi of a «Godfather» from the Lutetia racketeers in The Golden Sickle.

As the proprietor of a fifties (that is, 50s BC) night club, where guests listen to Rock 'n Roll bards, leaving their menhirs at the coat-check for two bronze coins, he has set up a traffic in golden sickles on behalf of the crooked Prefect, Surplus Dairiprodus.

Responsible for the kidnapping of Metallurgix, he is not above threatening violent revenge on the poor innkeeper of the «Merry Arvenian,» who was unfortunate enough to witness the crime.

But even though this hood uses terror to keep people away from his fetish dolmen, where he has a large cache of golden sickles waiting to be sold at black market prices, he suddenly loses some of his stuffing when Obelix gives him a big black eye! Stunning, isn't it?

In which book ?

2 - Asterix and the Golden Sickle