Citizenship : Roman

French name : Chorus
German name : Chorus
Dutch name : Hebbus
Spanish name : Corus


Roman General appointed by Caesar to stop the construction of the Palace designed by Edifis.

A merciless Roman General, forever furious, his face red with insatiable fury, Operachorus only feels in his element at the heart of battle, when given a chance to display Rome's power and bring a few indomitable to his boot. It's no surprise under these conditions that Caesar entrusts him with the mission to compromise the construction of Edifis' palace for Cleopatra.

Operachorus goes to great length to lower the sights of the Queen of Queen's architect: threats of all kinds, «the tortoise» military manoeuvre, an attack on two fronts defended by our two Gauls under siege, bombarding with a catapult…

Not satisfied with simply slowing down the palace construction, he orchestrates its destruction! Until Asterix tells Cleopatra about Caesar and his poor loser trickery, and backed up by Egyptian fanfare, she rushes «hurrying out of the palace at once, not even stopping to change» and puts an end to this destructive game. And now it's Operachorus' turn, as a mere legionary, to face the fury of an Emperor even more authoritarian than himself…

In which book ?

6 - Asterix and Cleopatra