Citizenship : Goth

French name : Satiric
German name : Satirik
Dutch name : Mensendick
Spanish name : Satirik
Italian name : Satirico
Portugese name : Satiric


Lyric's brother-in-law whom he ambushes

Total chaos! There is no better way to sum up Asterix and the Goths. You'd think our indomitable Gauls were seeking to export the notion of the «crazy Gauls' Village» as a way to vanquish monotony and boredom wherever they go. After all, these enemies are more formidable than all the Roman legions put together.

The height of disorder is reached during the «Asterixian Wars», in which the Goths, bursting with magic potion, all want to become a chief using methods that would later be known in Asterix and the Roman Agent as «psychological warfare» (basically consisting in knocking people out with a club). This crowd of raging Goths allows René Goscinny full rein with puns and it is here that Eccentric, Electric (promoted to General), Lyric, Satiric, Euphoric and Eccentric got mixed up in the battle.

For his part, Albert Uderzo demonstrates his exuberant talent for illustration using Gothic writing, creating a surprising map of the operations that shows the pervading disorder and by designing helmets based on a mix of ancient and modern headgear… Let's Goth!

In which book ?

3 - Asterix and the Goths