Developed by Les Éditions Albert René, under the supervision of the late Albert Uderzo who oversaw its early stages, this TV show is produced and designed by Studio 58, Hachette Group’s subsidiary, in co-production with GMT Productions (Mediawan group). It will be distributed  worldwide by LS Distribution (Mediawan Group).

For the first time, Asterix’s universe is coming to television with an animated series based on Dogmatix, broadcasted in September 2021 in France by France Television and in Fall 2021 in Germany on Super RTL (a first season of 52 episodes x 12 minutes, for boys and girls aged 5 to 11).

A 100% French creation with the o2o studios at the helm for the 3D animation, it is directed by the talented Charles Vaucelle whose credits include the series Oggy et les cafards, Paf le Chien and Bienvenue chez les Ronks!

The year is 52 BC. Lutetia* is entirely occupied by the Romans… well, not entirely ! Dogmatix and his gang of Indomitables’ animals’ friends still hold out against the invaders.

 After the defeat of the Gaulish chieftain Camulogene against the general Labienus, Dogmatix organizes the resistance with the Indomitables, a gang of animal friends each one more endearing and funnier than the last, to defend the Gaulish city against the roman occupation.

In this prequel of Asterix’s adventures (we are two years before the adventures of Asterix. Dogmatix lives in Lutetia, the ancient Paris, where he meets Asterix later on, in Book 5 Asterix and the Banquet), the little dog is evolving in a new world that respects all the rules that have made Asterix so successful. Dogmatix helps those who suffer the consequences of the Roman occupation, helped by Stamina, Bantera and Gluttonix… By Toutatis, it’s enough to make the Romans forget their Latin !!

*The ancient Paris

Idéfix et les Irréductibles : pour la première fois, l'univers d'Astérix à la télévision en animation 3D

From left to right : Bantera, a mocking stray cat with Parisian accent and a slang vocabulary ; Stamina, Dogmatix’s best friend. He has taken on her after she had been abandoned by her owners; Dogmatix, our favorite Gaulish dog ; Gluttonix, a bulldog from Tolosa (Toulouse), stand out by his accent as much as his strength ; Asmatix, an ancient pigeon from Lutetia, veteran of the Gallic wars.

A talented team for a premium series !

Un travail de Romains pour une série premium !

After five years of development supervised by Albert Uderzo and production values worthy of an epic, the launch of Dogmatix and the Indomitables directed by Charles Vaucelle is a major event. The animated series has completely reconstructed the city of Lutetia in 3D and created more than 100 characters (compared to around 30 for a standard 3D series) – so it can spare its blushes in comparisons with full-length Asterix films. As with the albums, the episodes appeal on several levels in an ensemble series where the action combines the stories of human and animal characters thanks to the work of talented screenwriters headed up by writing director Matthieu Choquet (Miraculous, Last Man…)

The same mix of adventure and humour that’s so popular in the albums, complete with puns and scraps, and all sprinkled with a touch of magic!

With each episode the series will include more characters from the world of Asterix: Justforkix, Metallurgix, Anglaigus, Vitalstatistix, Impedimenta… and plenty more! In this new world that respects its heritage to the letter, the Asterix magic potion certainly is indomitable, on both the big and small screen!

Un travail de Romains pour une série premium !