Throughout the Known World, Asterix fans vie to outdo one another with boasting, each one claiming to be the best expert on the Asterix albums. And yet, it is no simple thing to become expert ès Asterix; everyone is not cut out to be a druid, by Toutatis!

So then, how does one recognize an authentic Gaulish champion? Well… it was Asterix himself who gave us an idea about organizing a major championship: the GGQ, otherwise known as the Grand Gaulish Quiz!

There is a simple principle : all you have to do is answer 20 randomly chosen questions. Good luck to all and may Toutatis be with you!

1 - What is Panacea’s father’s name?

2 - Which characters send birthday greetings to Asterix and Obelix from their boat?

3 - Which of these is the title of an Asterix album?

4 - At the start of the album, Asterix and the Falling Sky, the inhabitants of Asterix’s Village are in an uncomfortable situation. What is happening to them?

5 - Dogmatix appears for the first time in the Asterix and the Banquet album. In which Gaulish city does he first meet Asterix and Obelix?

6 - In Asterix and the Great Divide, the Roman legionaries mount a demonstration to press for a surprising demand. What do they seek?

7 - Which indomitable Gaul wins an palm of victory during the Olympic Games?

8 - What name was given to the town of Rouen in AsterixÆs time?

9 - What is the name of the Norman chief in the album Asterix and the Normans?

10 - In Asterix the Gladiator, which Latin words are engraved above Caesar\’s box in the Circus Maximus?