Parc Astérix kicked off the season over Easter weekend on Saturday, 31 March and is gearing up for an action-packed year ahead.

For the opening weekend, Parc Astérix teamed up with the chocolatier Leonidas to host an Easter egg hunt for young Gauls in the Village.

Théâtre de Panoramix is running a new magic show in the fourth dimension: Crypto – Illusions and Mentalism.

In June, a new family show, Du Rififi dans la basse-cour, brings a Roman soldier and farm animals to the stage of Théâtre du Barde. Lots of fun for all ages!

Plus, a unique new attraction will take you to dizzying heights: the Aérolaf is a rotating bar 35 metres off the ground. By Odin, this new bar is really taking off!

And that’s just the beginning. In our next Missive we’ll tell you all about La Cité Suspendue, the new stilt hotel in Parc Astérix for 100% guaranteed Indomitable holiday, by Toutatis!