Citizenship : Gaulish

French name : Archéoptérix
German name : Archaeopterix
Dutch name : Archeopterix
Spanish name : Arqueópterix
Italian name : Archeopterix
Portugese name : Arqueoptérix


The Druid at the top

Obelix can't get over it! Getafix was once a young man! And his old teacher Archeopterix has plenty to say about his 400 tales of derring-do as a «rowdy young nipper»!

Archeopterix, the oldest of all the Druids, who lives in the tallest oak deep in the sacred Forest of the Carnutes, is a walking encyclopaedia of all things Druid. As a grand master of the spoken word, he alone is capable of memorising the chapter of The War with the Gauls which Caesar is trying to censor, in order for the memories to live on for centuries to come. Asterix, Obelix and Getafix are heading to Forest of the Carnutes for a meeting which will stay etched in their memories forever!

In which book ?

36 - Asterix and the Missing scroll