Citizenship : Roman

French name : Pamplemus
German name : Pampelmus
Dutch name : Piccetanus
Spanish name : Naranjus
Italian name : Pamplemus
Portugese name : Pamplemus


Roman legionary falling ill when Goths are coming

Arteriosclerosus and Gastroenteritus are two Roman legionaries assigned to guard the frontier between Gaul and Germania. They therefore have an administrative role which on the face of it is nice and quiet since the Roman Empire is unanimously respected, and feared, by its neighbours. «The barbarians would never dare to sully Roman territory with their dirty feet, by Jupiter,» asserts the beaming Gastroenteritus.

So much for theory and fine words. In practice we soon discover that the force of these optimistic words does not stand up for long to the shock of a less-than-idyllic reality, when Arteriosclerosus and Gastroenteritus find themselves bashed and tied up by Choleric's fearsome band of Goths on their way to the Forest of the Carnutes. And all through Asterix and the Goths we are constantly shown how crossing the border is hardly just a formality in this adventure (especially for the border guards!).

On the contrary, it is just as good a way of starting a fight as a 'fresh' fish from Lutecia on Unhygienix' stall! As a result, the Roman and Goth border guards end up getting biffed quite a lot!

In which book ?

3 - Asterix and the Goths