Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Boufiltre
German name : Gibtermine
Dutch name : Boelimia
Spanish name : Boufiltre


Psychoanalytix's assistant

Psychoanalytix's assistant, the sublime Miss Bicarbonatofsoda, is an expert in moral and psychological suffering, Lord knows she sees enough of them! Greeting patients in her role as the renowned therapist's receptionist, she ends up seeing some of the most difficult cases.

She must therefore reassure the patient who has a morbid fear of the sky falling on his head, who refuses to go anywhere without cowering under a shield, or the man who thinks he's a wild boar and who bothers the other patients with his sudden oinking (also stimulating Obelix's appetite since he can't hold out against the sound of a wild boar without thinking of a barbecue …).

It has to be said that Psychoanalytix's surgery is a very lively place and that for Miss Bicarbonatofsoda some cases can become more problematic once they've been solved… Such as when Psychoanalytix demonstrates his talent by successfully healing the shy Barbarian who, once healed, wants to «catch up with his work», knocking out all the sick patients sitting in the «waiting glade»!

Thankfully, Miss Bicarbonateofsoda is not crazy! She's the true voice of reason in this crazy pantomime, retaining her unflappable calm, and conscientiously recording appointment times and Psychoanalytix's recommendations on her portable marble notepad. Thus it is that René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo provide us with irrefutable proof of a famous Gaulish adage: the more crazy, the merrier!

In which book ?

7 - Asterix and the Big Fight
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book