Citizenship : Goth

French name : Coudetric
German name : Rhetorik
Dutch name : Statistik
Spanish name : Mamporric
Italian name : Mangarandello
Portugese name : Coudetric


Goth kidnapper of Druids

Choleric is the head Goth entrusted with the challenging mission of capturing the best Gaulish Druid in order to use (and abuse) his magic skills in order to invade Gaul and Rome. Nothing more, nothing less! Accompanied by his trusty companions, Tartaric, Atmospheric, Prehistoric and Esoteric, Choleric goes to the forest of Carnutes to attend the annual Druid gathering and capture the winner of the Golden Menhir, certified to be the best Druid of the year by his most esteemed colleagues.

And the winner is… Getafix, of course, who gets caught in an ambush and wrapped up like one of Christo's works by our five barbarians (or simply trapped in a postal bag from 50 BC, depending on the circumstances), and transported to Germany to be delivered to Metric, supreme leader of the Goths.

It sounds simple when we tell it like this, but meanwhile, we have seen Romans following in the steps of Asterix and Obelix, whom they consider to be dangerous barbarians (while they borrowed the clothes of the Roman legionaries - are you following?), violent Goth kidnappers respectfully questioned by the Romans who are searching for «barbarians» (our Gaulish heros, in fact), Roman customs officers, or Goths who only let you cross the borders over their bodies (unfortunately for them, that is usually how it ends). In short, a real treat is in store for our readers!

In which book ?

3 - Asterix and the Goths