Citizenship : Gaulish

French name : Doublepolémix
German name : Polemix
Dutch name : Polemix
Spanish name : Doblepolémix
Italian name : Vispolemix
Portugese name : Gerapolémix


Newsmonger without borders

Loosely based on Julian Assange, Confoundtheirpolitix is a newsmonger, a roving reporter 50 BC-style, always on the look out for a hot trulla (a «scoop» in Latin). Fair enough, except that some news can be explosive, especially when it threatens Julius Caesar himself!

With the dictator's adviser and publisher Libellus Blockbustus and his forces in hot pursuit, Confoundtheirpolitix finds refuge in the Village of Asterix and his friends. His knack for hunting down the trulla leads him into a probe of the habits of the village inhabitants. And that's where things get interesting!

In which book ?

36 - Asterix and the Missing scroll