Crismus Bonus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Caius Bonus
German name : Gaius Bonus
Dutch name : Gaius Bonus
Spanish name : Caius Bonus
Italian name : Caius Bonus
Portugese name : Caius Bonus

Crismus Bonus

Centurion who was just a hair's breath from discovering the secret of the magic potion.

Crismus Bonus is the first Centurion to appear in Asterix's world. He allows the authors to lay the foundations for their humorous take on Roman hierarchical organisation. Authoritarian (using one «volunteer» after another from among his legionaries to carry out his basest plots) and cruel (Asterix and Getafix barely survive a merciless - but hilarious - torture episode), Crismus Bonus is also extremely ambitious, as he works his way through a long list of officers hoping to take the place of Caesar.

Our Gauls, however, put short shift to his plans with their «fruitful» ideas, and made him become completely hair-brained (thanks to a hair potion from the druid which proves to be particularly spectacular). Caesar himself tidies up matters by exiling the vagabond to lower Mongolia: «Join in, they said…».

In which book ?

1 - Asterix the Gaul