Citizenship : Pirate

French name : Erix
German name : Erix
Dutch name : Erix
Spanish name : Eric
Italian name : Erix
Portugese name : Erix


Apprentice Pirate

Erix is living proof that it takes more than a spot of nepotism to become a successful pirate. As son of pirate chief Redbeard, everything was set up for him to be on the receiving end of regular abuse from Asterix and Obelix, just like his father and his acolytes!

However, after a unique sinking, commented upon, of course, by the experienced Latinist Pegleg, Erix no longer appeared in the Asterix albums. Even worse: his father saw fit to leave him as a guarantee to buy another ship, which, of course, was soon to sink under Gaulish attacks in Asterix and Cleopatra. Why did Erix no longer participate in the numerous familial disappointments? Did he suffer from incurable sea sickness? Was he allergic to Gaulish slaps?

Finally Albert Uderzo himself gave us the reason for his brutal disappearance: quite simply, Erix «wasn't very funny»! Hence the idea, perhaps, to leave him as a guarantee for a new boat. Because, it has to be said, the trials and tribulations of our favourite pirates have always made us laugh!

You just have to think back to the hilarious collection of pirate-ship bows drawn by Albert Uderzo, in the book Le Livre d'Astérix le Gaulois, to be convinced of it!

In which book ?

5 - Asterix and the Banquet
6 - Asterix and Cleopatra