Citizenship : Roman

French name : Petilarus
German name : Petilarus
Dutch name : Vandalus
Spanish name : Pelatus
Italian name : Petilarus
Portugese name : Petilarus


Head of Roman patrol searching for Asterix and Obelix

The Asterix and the Banquet album offers Asterix and Obelix a number of interesting adventures. There are of course a number of Gauls whose dedicated support for their cause goes straight to their hearts but the country roads are also teeming with Romans determined to stop our heroes from winning their bet.

Often, they stick around just long enough to receive a good punch in the nose. Such is the case of Nervus Illnus, whose breakdowns chariot is stolen by Asterix and Obelix as they dash towards Camaracum (Cambrai) and its famous humbugs. Other Romans, however, are more tenacious and put up a good fight before succumbing.

Like Spongefingus who, after having been «helped» by our Gauls as they use him to help get them past the roadblock set up by Fishfingus, is left along the side of the road. Unrelenting, Spongefingus tracks our heroes to Durocortorum (Rheims) where he puts on a show as fearsome as a creature from «The Shining» and threatens to put his pilum in their sternum. (You'll note René Goscinny's talent at bringing a «dead» language back to life!). Asterix quickly calms this hothead by uncorking a bottle of Durocortorum wine (otherwise known as Champagne) in his face.

In which book ?

5 - Asterix and the Banquet