Citizenship : Roman

French name : Quintilius
German name : Quintilius
Dutch name : Messenvorcus
Spanish name : Quintilius
Italian name : Quintilius
Portugese name : Quintilius


Slumbering Roman Centurion.

For Asterix and Obelix, facing up to a whole Roman legion is child's play, a game they never tire of. Yet when our two heroes find themselves in Camaracum (Cambrai), intent on finding this town's famous speciality, mint sweets better known as «Humbugs», it's the Roman centurion Goldenslumbus who falls into a second childhood.

Determined to lock up our two indomitable friends, Goldenslumbus calls for a gobstopper (dixit Obelix) and finishes by falling sound asleep, knocked out, as he should be, whilst a soft voice gently sings a local lullaby «Sleep Little Roman, do not cry!» And in an instant our imposing and vehement Roman centurion is as harmless as a baby!

In which book ?

5 - Asterix and the Banquet