Gracchus Armisurplus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Gracchus Nenjetépus
German name : Gracchus Nenjetepus
Dutch name : Gracchus Grutjus
Spanish name : Graco Linus
Italian name : Gracchus Nontelopus
Portugese name : Graco Nenjeteplus

Gracchus Armisurplus

Mummy's little soldier

Gracchus Armisurplus, Centurion in charge of the Compendium camp, is regularly the victim of his superiors, who give him orders for which he and his men invariably suffer the cruel consequences…

When Odius Asparagus, the Prefect of Gaul in Asterix the Gladiator, forces him to kidnap an Indomitable Gaul (Cacofonix as it turns out), the furious Gauls vent their anger on the unfortunate legionnaires of his camp. Meanwhile, the real mastermind behind the kidnapping, safe from harm, struts about with the noisy trophy that he intends to offer to Caesar, who is less than delighted with his gift! And once again, in Asterix and the Banquet, the Gauls take their anger out on Armisurplus when Inspector General Overanxious forces him to bring the Gaulish village into line and subject them to Roman law once and for all (which in practice translates into a great time for the Gauls, with typical Gaulish clouts and thumps!).

Poor old Armisurplus, once valiant, courageous and willing, as he says, to fight to the death, calls out to his mummy for help as our heroes approach…

In which book ?

4 - Asterix the Gladiator
5 - Asterix and the Banquet