Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Eponine
German name : Minna
Dutch name : Anorexia
Spanish name : Eponine
Italian name : Eponina
Portugese name : Eponina


Wife of César Drinklikafix and admirer of Obelix's curves

Hydrophobia is a peerless tradeswoman who makes full use of the oratory skills of the Massilian inhabitants to make your mouth water at her freshly-caught sea urchins and her exquisite scorpion fish. Wife of César Drinklikafix, an inn landlord, she lovingly cooks a takeaway fish stew for Asterix and Obelix, while her husband retains the Romans by promising them «bloodshed» should they dare interrupt a game of bowls - a moment worthy of the finest films of Marcel Pagnol!

Regularly teased in Asterix and the Banquet for a chubbiness which has to be taken in context (everyone knows that he's just well built), and which remains a sore point for our hero, Obelix can't help but blush when the plump trader Hydrophobia compliments him on his pleasant fullness of figure.

A first in the Adventures of Asterix: preceding Panacea, Zaza, and the torrid nomadic dancer from Hispania, this is the start of a beautiful relationship between Obelix and the fairer sex!

In which book ?

5 - Asterix and the Banquet