Citizenship : Roman

French name : Briseradius
German name : Briseradius
Dutch name : Ignoramus
Spanish name : Bestiarius
Italian name : Perdigiornus
Portugese name : Briseradio


Gladiator trainer converted back to lacemaking.

Caius Fatuous, the lanista (gladiator trainer), puts Insalubrius in charge of turning Asterix and Obelix into stars of the Roman Circus games.

A big, toothless bear of a man who never goes anywhere without his whip, Insalubrius is a mountain of muscles who strikes terror in the hearts of all aspiring gladiators by employing methods which make Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket look like an affectionate babysitter…

Our indomitable Gauls are unphased however and Insalubrius, surprised by our Gauls' talents during training, finds himself flying inadvertently through the air.

Disheartened, he decides to return to work in the family lace factory! His pupils are delighted as the trident-fighting sessions are replaced with harmless party games and charades! Asterix and Obelix turn the Gladiator Academy into a Gaulish-style game show!

In which book ?

4 - Asterix the Gladiator