Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Plaintcontrix
German name : Plaintcontrix
Dutch name : Zwezerix
Spanish name : Jabalix
Italian name : Querelcontrix
Portugese name : Plaintcontrix


Gaulish Restaurateur in Rome who dreams of owning a Roman restaurant in Gaul!

In Asterix the Gladiator, Instantmix, the Gaulish restaurateur in Rome is Obelix's official supplier of wild boar, which are devoured without the slightest attention to the secret messages slipped in by the host. With a character like Instantmix, the authors of Asterix showed that they had definitely found their voice in their fourth album.

Gastronomy plays a major role in this album (between the refined dishes of Caius Fatuous and Obelix's wild boars, everything is covered), the social satire reaches cruising speed as we see in the hilarious slice of life shown by the quarreling neighbors in the Greater Latin Council (complete with every modern comfort including cubiculum, kitchen and triclinium) where Instantmix lives.

Not to mention the Pirates, who make their first appearance in this adventure, already meriting two memorable beatings! Instantmix makes a notable comeback to Asterix's Village in Asterix in Corsica, where he surprisingly declares that he has traveled all the way from Rome so he can hear Cacofonix sing once again !

In which book ?

4 - Asterix the Gladiator
20 - Asterix in Corsica