Citizenship : Egyptian

French name : Tournevis
German name : Schraubzieris
Dutch name : Kissebis
Spanish name : Tornavis


Artifis' scribe and henchman who redefines the history of hairstyling

Working for the notorious Artifis can only make a person evil. Such is the case for the scribe Krukhut, who spends a lot more time carrying out the vile schemes of his master than he does carrying out admin by «drawing» letters on his papyrus.

Tasked with slowing the construction of the palace that Edifis is building for Cleopatra, Krukhut takes no half-measures as he organises the disappearance of the rocks that the Queen's architect is so impatiently waiting for, and then goes as far as to lock up our Gauls in the pyramid. So satisfied is he with his work, he then swears that he will not shave his head should the Gauls, by any chance, escape from this trap. He doesn't though count on Dogmatix, whose sense of smell guides our heroes out of the labyrinth of corridors inside the pyramid.

Consequently, our henchman has to grow his hair, and becomes a model in the kingdom of the Pharaohs for hairstyles going beyond even those of the Beatles or the Stones at the height of the 60s! The Queen's subjects soon start sporting this avant-garde revolutionary look and leave Roman fashion looking rather ancient! Cleopatra, in her anxiousness to prove to Caesar that her people remain a great nation, capable of making history whilst remaining at the vanguard of modernity, couldn't have asked for anything more…

In which book ?

6 - Asterix and Cleopatra