Libellus Blockbustus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Bonus Promoplus
German name : Rufus Syndicus
Dutch name : Bonus Promoplus
Spanish name : Bonus Promoplús
Italian name : Primus Bestsellerus
Portugese name : Bónus Vendetudus

Libellus Blockbustus

Adviser rapidly running out of options

As Julius Caesar's adviser and publisher, Libellus Blockbustus advises his master to omit from his memoirs the (many!) setbacks he has experienced at the hands of the Indomitable Gauls! But one of the Numidian scribes (what we could call a ghost writer today) working on the Commentaries on the War with the Gauls, anxious to maintain historic accuracy, makes off with the papyrus of the missing chapter and hands it to Confoundtheirpolitix, the Roman correspondent of the Lutetian Daily Press.

Thus begins a mad chase full of twists and turns, leading Caesar's evil adviser (loosely based on contemporary figures from French political life, from Jacques Séguéla and Patrick Buisson to others such as Bernard Henri-Lévy) all the way to the Village of the Indomitable Gauls. Faced with Asterix and his friends, Libellus Blockbustus will soon run out of options...

In which book ?

36 - Asterix and the Missing scroll