Marcus Ginantonicus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Marcus Sacapus
German name : Marcus Ecus
Dutch name : Marcus Gribus
Spanish name : Marcus Sacapus
Italian name : Marcus Sacapus
Portugese name : Marcus Sacapus

Marcus Ginantonicus

A hunk of a legionary.

Marcus Ginandtonicus has a real dog’s life! As the right hand man to the Centurion Crismus Bonus in Asterix the Gaul, he suffers all kinds of insults and is on the receiving end of all the thrashings. Responsible for having Caligulaminix penetrate our favourite village disguised as a Gaul, he receives a very warm welcome from Asterix and Obelix! Later on, it is Caligula Minus, upon his return to the camp of Compendium, who tests (successfully!) the effects of the magic potion on him.

Add to this a stone thrown by Crismus Bonus which hits him on the foot, and Asterix who pulls on his endless beard (Getafix’s potions never cease to amaze us…) and sends him spinning in the air, only to come back to earth with a bump, and Ginandtonicus finishes by being completely at bay.

In which book ?

1 - Asterix the Gaul