Citizenship : Goth

French name : Téléféric
German name : Cholerik
Dutch name : Poliklinik
Spanish name : Teleféric
Italian name : Teleferico
Portugese name : Teleferic


A Supreme Chief of the Goths you can count on

Despite the heavy responsibilities he shoulders (he is in charge of the Visigoths, the Western Goths who live to the east of Gaul, not to be confused with the Eastern Goths: the Ostrogoths - Do you follow me? Ask Obelix, he'll explain!), Metric remains a modest chap, who enjoys those simple things that add a little extra spice to a successful life: tearing apart recalcitrant citizens by wild horses and chopping them up into little pieces.

Yes indeed, under his peculiar helmet (one horn pointing down, the other pointing up), Metric never lacks imagination when it comes to entertaining the population! Best of all, he's a connoisseur: he tells his «entertainment's manager» to make sure that the pieces are not cut too small so that everyone can see them! The rest of the time, he dreams of nothing more than invading Gaul and the Roman Empire, leading him to order his men to capture the best druid around so as to exploit his magic, with the ultimate aim of replacing Julius as Emperor.

Unfortunately for him, the druid in question is none other than Getafix, who uses all his cunning and his magic potion to stir up chaos and confusion in Germania. Soon, every Goth has drunk the magic concoction and wants to take over the position of chief Goth! Metric finds himself dethroned by Rhetoric, his vile interpreter, before gathering together an army and plunging his people into a series of interminable intestinal wars. Well, we did warn you: with Metric, everything is simple - as long as he keeps a measure of the situation!

In which book ?

3 - Asterix and the Goths
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book