Citizenship : Egyptian

French name : Ginfis
German name : Ginfiz
Dutch name : Ginfis
Spanish name : Ginfis


Egyptian spy expert in drinking magic potions.

In Asterix albums, the most brilliant spies regularly play the role of a chameleon, displaying absolutely remarkable camouflage skills. Along the same lines, everyone of course remembers Dubbelosix, made up as a statue taunting Julius Caesar from his pedestal, or Caligula Minus, unwillingly disguised as «Caliguliminix», responsible for discovering the existence of the magic potion from the Gaulish village.

Mintjulep, an Egyptian spy paid by Caesar, actually takes disguise to its purest form. He only has to exchange his own haute couture loincloth for that of a worker in order to escape Asterix's vigilance at Edifis' building site! Efficient and quick, he returns to fill Caesar in on the reason behind the impressive progress in Cleopatra's palace: Edifis feeds his workmen a potion which gives them superhuman strength! The sceptical emperor asks Superfluous (one muscle-bound fellow!) to reason with the presumptuous architect, who sends the legionary flying with just one blow!

From then on, Caesar sees just one possible explanation: Asterix, Obelix and Getafix can't be far away, and he has to act quickly! Espionage must now give sway to a demonstration of Rome's true power, by Jupiter!

In which book ?

6 - Asterix and Cleopatra