Citizenship : Roman

French name : Motus
German name : Motus
Dutch name : Luiwammus
Spanish name : Motus
Italian name : Nutus
Portugese name : Motus


Roman general famous for voicing his opinions.

A great orator who uses his talents to harangue the crowds, General Motus, commander of the Burdigala (Bordeaux) garrison, finally has a splendid opportunity to demonstrate the power of Rome: he manages to capture Asterix and Obelix, indomitable Gaulish outlaws who amuse themselves by making fun of Roman garrisons in the four corners of Gaul.

But his prisoners are, in fact, none other than Villanus and Unscrupulus, Roman brigands who nicked our heroes' bag of victuals, and then more or less matched their description («a little man and a big fat man carrying a bag»). What makes things worse is that our real Gaulish friends turn up in the middle of the celebration of their «capture», and settle their scores with the whole garrison, while remembering to retrieve the culinary specialities they had collected during their trip.

One battle later, and poor Motus, who had voiced his opinion amid a blaze of publicity, wants to hear nothing more about anything, especially not about the Gauls!

In which book ?

5 - Asterix and the Banquet