Nefarius Purpus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Hotelterminus
German name : Hotelterminus
Dutch name : Hotelterminus
Spanish name : Hotelterminus
Portugese name : Caius Desembarcus

Nefarius Purpus

Centurion at his wits end.

On secondment as head to the 1st legion, 3rd cohort, 2nd manipule, 1st century, Nefarius Purpus has been put through the mill with his new recruits, including an Egyptian who thinks the army is a holiday village, a Greek obsessed with renegotiating his pay and two Indomitable Gauls determined to do exactly as they please!

Asterix and Obelix, newly inducted as legionaries in an effort to free Falbala’s fiancé Tragicomix, take charge of operations with this dissipated legion and unexpectedly win a victory for Caesar against Scipio’s armies, thereby putting an end to Nefarius Purpus’s problems!

In which book ?

10 - Asterix the Legionary