Olaf Timandahaf

Citizenship : Norman

French name : Olaf Grossebaf
German name : Olaf Maulaf
Dutch name : Olaf Liflaf
Spanish name : Olaf Grosenbaf
Portugese name : Àchapadaf

Olaf Timandahaf

Overtime Norman

Olaf Timandahaf is the chief of the Norman warriors. He is an ambitious leader who wants to know everything! Searching for the secret fear that lends people wings, he sails to Gaul with his best troupes in tow. Here he meets Justforkix, winner hands-down for the title of world “champion of fear”!

It’s off to the cliffs where the Normans suppose that Justforkix, when pushed off the ledge, will have no other choice than to sprout wings and fly. Terrified, the young Lutetian is finally rescued by the bard Cacofonix, whose vocal exploits make the Normans’ blood run cold. Whew! Everyone gets off with a bad fright…

In which book ?

9 - Asterix and the Normans
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book