Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Amnésix
German name : Amnesix
Dutch name : Amnesix
Spanish name : Amnesix
Italian name : Amnesix
Portugese name : Amnesix


Expert druid in psychological emergencies and Technicolor specialist.

Patients never forget being treated by Psychoanalytix! Ahead of his time by some 2000 years, this trailblazing druid deals with mental disorders on the couch in his hut, seeing patients who have gone out of their minds, or who are suffering from debilitating levels of angst.

His surgery is full of patients who could have just walked off a TV series known sky-high audience ratings thanks to their loony obsessions and their loose screws.

There's a Gaul in a panic about the sky falling on his head, a shy barbarian who couldn't scare a ghost, another Gaul who thinks he's a wild boar, and a wannabe emperor who prefigures Napoleon centuries before his time!So it's only natural that Asterix and Obelix should consult this unconventional druid in an effort to cure Getafix, who has lost his mind after receiving a fearful blow from one of Obelix's menhirs.

Unfortunately, it's the season for raining menhirs, and Psychoanalytix is hit in turn by one of Obelix's projectiles. He will never completely get over this shock which has nothing to do with psychology. In fact, although he once again proves he can cure his dispirited patients, it's not without some bitter «pills to swallow»: his patients may be cured upon leaving his surgery but they all have rather fetching multicoloured skin. But, then again, isn't this what a soul healer is best at: putting a bit of colour back in the cheeks of his patients?

In which book ?

7 - Asterix and the Big Fight
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book