Raucus Hallelujachorus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Fercorus
German name : Hohlenus
Dutch name : Fercorus
Spanish name : Amorfus

Raucus Hallelujachorus

A centurion taken at his word.

For Raucus Hallelujachorus, centurion at the Totorum camp in Asterix in Spain, negotiating with the Gauls is a real ordeal.

But when Asterix and Obelix steal his young Iberian hostage Pepe away from him, he has no other choice than to go to the village of those crazy Gauls to recover his precious prisoner.

Knowing tact to be of the essence when dealing with the Gauls, he decides to make a discreet visit, tiptoeing quietly into the village at naptime.

But he’s out of luck: when Spurius Brontosaurus tactlessly hollers “Attack!”, triggering a counter-attack that gives the Gauls the last word in this negotiation.

In which book ?

14 - Asterix in Spain