Citizenship : Egyptian

French name : Tumehéris
German name : Abstosis
Dutch name : Businis
Spanish name : Piramídix


Ship Captain whose orders are given in hieroglyphics

As Captain of the Nastiupset vessel, Sethisbackup has his work cut out taking the architect Edifis over to Gaul, who is seeking the help of his friend Getafix with the construction of a huge palace for Cleopatra in less than 3 months.

Firstly, his crew, dressed only in loincloths better suited to the Egyptian desert sun, tend to lose their energy once they are exposed to the harsh Gaulish winter whose bitingly cold temperatures make their knobbly knees knock together. Worse still, these peaceful sailors meet a pirate ship on their way home which closes on them with threatening speed.

But the sight of their Gaulish «friends» only serves to make our favourite pirates lose their cool… in a blind panic they sink their own ship, depriving a furious Obelix of his favourite pastime. And whilst all around him lose their heads, an unruffled Sethisbackup continues to give orders in hieroglyphics to his crew…

In which book ?

6 - Asterix and Cleopatra