Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Cétyounix
German name : Denkdirnix
Dutch name : Friekix
Spanish name : Calcomanix
Italian name : Cetyounix
Portugese name : Cetionix


Gaulish dancer.

A resident of Asterix’s village, Tenansix only makes an appearance to participate in some Gaulish folk dancing. All the villagers seem so overjoyed at this tradition that they actually urge Cacofonix to join in the festivities. The bard takes advantage of the opportunity to play the violin, which just goes to show how far ahead of his time this misunderstood artist was! It is during the course of this dance, highlighted by a moment when you pull the moustache of the man opposite you, that a suspicious Asterix pulls off the detachable moustache of Caliguliminix and discovers that he is in fact a Roman spy: Caligula Minus!

In which book ?

1 - Asterix the Gaul